My New Camera!!!

June 19th, 2011 by Michelle

This year, for my sweet 16th birthday, my sweet great-grandmother, G.G., gave me $1,000!!!!!!

WOW! I was so thrilled! I’ve never had that much money before!

G.G. is very special to me and my family and is extremely sweet. Last year, she and my great-grandfather were in a bad car wreck. Thankfully, they are both doing much better and are back home now. Praise the Lord! We are all so glad!

G.G., thank you so much for the awesome b-day present! I love you!

G.G. said that I could get whatever I wanted with the money. I had been wanting to get a SLR camera for awhile, so I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to purchase one. So I did! I ordered a Canon XS Rebel!

I also ordered a cute flower camera strap, a blue messenger bag for on the go, another sturdier camera bag that offers more protection, and a three year warranty. Eventually, I plan to get a telephoto lens with the money that is left over.

I have had a ton of fun with my new camera, and I think the rest of my family have been enjoying it too!

Thank you for making this possible G.G.! I love you! :)


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  1. Kane

    Wow, the Rebel is really nice camera. Now you’re pretty much required to start posting amazing pictures. :D

    Is this a hobby, or possibly a future a career?

  2. Michelle

    I know! I will certainly try to post some pictures soon.
    Well, right now it is just a hobby, but it may become a career later on.

  3. Nonnie

    Wow! What a fantastic job you’ve done with your beautiful camera, you beautiful girl! Your photos are artistic and thoughtful, just like you! Thank you so much for sharing your photos from the family reunion, sweetheart. What a blessing you are to us!

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