Outfoxed By a Girl

March 7th, 2011 by Michelle

Once, there was a beautifully clever Phoenician princess named Dido. After leaving Tyre because she could find no instantly desirable land, she traveled to North Africa to establish a trading city. Dido discovered some stupendous land that was quietly situated by the sea. The territory had moist soil and shining blue waters. Dido asked the landowner to sell her as much land as she could cover with the skin of a bull. The proprietor briskly considered what she had solicited and figured it would only be enough land for her to stand on. So he readily arranged to sell her the property. But Dido was as smart as she was beautiful, and she took her knife and wisely cut the hide into many thin strips. Then, she laid the strips end-to-end, containing a vast circle of ground with just one hide. As he observed Dido’s actions, the landowner, who knew he had been outwitted, helplessly agreed to sell her the land. Dido constructed a tower on the land and called it “Bull’s Hide.” This was the beginning of a city named Carthage, which, in time, became a famous trading city. When the previous possessor of the land had relented to Dido’s request for land, he had no idea that such an illustrious trading city could ever come from such a meager beginning. The landowner was so ashamed of being outfoxed by a girl, that he packed his bags and was never seen or heard of again.

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3 Responses

  1. Kane

    Poor landowner :(

  2. Nonnie

    Wonderful, Michelle! I love the way you play with language. Beautiful! (I give it an A+!)

    It was absolutely spectacular to see you and Paige in concert at SMU this past weekend. What a blessing for us! You were both amazing — beautiful, poised, talented. We loved it — just a little proud (okay, hugely proud) of our girls! Love forever, Nonnie

  3. Michelle


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