Happy 8th Birthday Bradley!!!

October 5th, 2010 by Michelle

Today is my brother Bradley’s birthday! It has been a great day so far! =) As a rule, we do not have to do school on our birthdays. We were also able to sleep in as well. Bradley did not want to sleep in though because last night we went to get him a present! He decided to wait until this morning to open it, so as you can imagine, he was eager to wake up and open it.

When we went downstairs, we saw some doughnuts on the table— in honor of Bradley’s birthday! That was a great surprise! Thanks Daddy! We sang to him while he wore his birthday crown. Then he got to open his present. It was a Wii¬† ATV game!

He loves to play on the Wii, so we thought this would be perfect for him. He started playing with it immediately and he is still playing on it now!

One thing I especially like about Bradley is that he has a great imagination and a great knack for entertaining us! Happy Birthday Bradley! I love you!! =) =)

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  1. Ali O

    Sounds like a fun party. Happy birthday Bradley, hope you had a great Birthday.

  2. Momma

    Thanks for giving “the king” some royal treatment! He is blessed to have such kind sisters!

  3. Nonnie

    Yes, he does have wonderfully kind sisters — and a wonderfully kind brother. We love all of you and will always remember the day each of you was born. Our Bradley was such a precious gift to us then because he brought joy to all of us. You’re right, Michelle. He still brings joy to all of us, doesn’t he?

    Bradley, we all enjoy your kindness and your entertaining stories! We hope this is a wonderful year for you.

    Love forever,

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