Funky Fotos!

September 13th, 2011 by Michelle

Guess what? Last Friday, I got another blog! My dad, my sisters and I put it together. Thanks for the help y’all gave! It will be mostly a photo blog…hence the name Funky Fotos. I will still be posting on this blog, and Funky Fotos will primarily be used to post pictures. I haven’t posted anything yet, but feel free to check it out! I will post something soon!!!!

I hope you like it! Here is the link:



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A Blog Award!!!

September 13th, 2011 by Michelle

Recently, I got my first blog award from a sweet friend, Kristiana, who goes to choir with my sisters and I. Thanks for the thoughtful award, Kristiana!!! I've enjoyed reading your blog!

In return, I have to tell 7 things about myself on my blog, and give the reward to some other bloggers. Here's what I came up with:

Seven things about myself:

1. I have been saved by Jesus Christ.

2. I have five awesome siblings and two wonderful parents.

3. I love to photograph just about anything!

4. I enjoy singing with my sisters, friends, and other family members.

5. I love to read books.

6. I really like making friendship bracelets.

7. Circus peanuts are my favorite candy ever!

My 13 blogging friends (and family):







Pure Messenger

By Grace






I love reading all 13 of these blogs! Thanks to the bloggers who post!! =)



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Happy Father’s Day!

June 19th, 2011 by Michelle

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! You are a wonderful Dad! Thanks for all you do. I love you so much!!! I hope your day was great!

Love your daughter,

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My New Camera!!!

June 19th, 2011 by Michelle

This year, for my sweet 16th birthday, my sweet great-grandmother, G.G., gave me $1,000!!!!!!

WOW! I was so thrilled! I’ve never had that much money before!

G.G. is very special to me and my family and is extremely sweet. Last year, she and my great-grandfather were in a bad car wreck. Thankfully, they are both doing much better and are back home now. Praise the Lord! We are all so glad!

G.G., thank you so much for the awesome b-day present! I love you!

G.G. said that I could get whatever I wanted with the money. I had been wanting to get a SLR camera for awhile, so I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to purchase one. So I did! I ordered a Canon XS Rebel!

I also ordered a cute flower camera strap, a blue messenger bag for on the go, another sturdier camera bag that offers more protection, and a three year warranty. Eventually, I plan to get a telephoto lens with the money that is left over.

I have had a ton of fun with my new camera, and I think the rest of my family have been enjoying it too!

Thank you for making this possible G.G.! I love you! :)


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Happy Birthday, Uh-Oh!!!

May 12th, 2011 by Michelle

Today is my grandpa Uh-Oh’s birthday! So, I decided to blog in honor of him. I also made the font color  yellow, because it is Uh-Oh’s favorite color. Uh-Oh— I hope your day is fantastic. Enjoy the blog and the pics! You are an awesome grandpa!! I love you so much. I can’t wait to spend time with you and Nonnie this summer! Happy Birthday!

Your loving granddaughter,


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Outfoxed By a Girl

March 7th, 2011 by Michelle

Once, there was a beautifully clever Phoenician princess named Dido. After leaving Tyre because she could find no instantly desirable land, she traveled to North Africa to establish a trading city. Dido discovered some stupendous land that was quietly situated by the sea. The territory had moist soil and shining blue waters. Dido asked the landowner to sell her as much land as she could cover with the skin of a bull. The proprietor briskly considered what she had solicited and figured it would only be enough land for her to stand on. So he readily arranged to sell her the property. But Dido was as smart as she was beautiful, and she took her knife and wisely cut the hide into many thin strips. Then, she laid the strips end-to-end, containing a vast circle of ground with just one hide. As he observed Dido’s actions, the landowner, who knew he had been outwitted, helplessly agreed to sell her the land. Dido constructed a tower on the land and called it “Bull’s Hide.” This was the beginning of a city named Carthage, which, in time, became a famous trading city. When the previous possessor of the land had relented to Dido’s request for land, he had no idea that such an illustrious trading city could ever come from such a meager beginning. The landowner was so ashamed of being outfoxed by a girl, that he packed his bags and was never seen or heard of again.

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Happy 8th Birthday Bradley!!!

October 5th, 2010 by Michelle

Today is my brother Bradley’s birthday! It has been a great day so far! =) As a rule, we do not have to do school on our birthdays. We were also able to sleep in as well. Bradley did not want to sleep in though because last night we went to get him a present! He decided to wait until this morning to open it, so as you can imagine, he was eager to wake up and open it.

When we went downstairs, we saw some doughnuts on the table— in honor of Bradley’s birthday! That was a great surprise! Thanks Daddy! We sang to him while he wore his birthday crown. Then he got to open his present. It was a Wii  ATV game!

He loves to play on the Wii, so we thought this would be perfect for him. He started playing with it immediately and he is still playing on it now!

One thing I especially like about Bradley is that he has a great imagination and a great knack for entertaining us! Happy Birthday Bradley! I love you!! =) =)

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I Love my Shirt, Ali O!!!

September 29th, 2010 by Michelle

Last Friday, after  co-op, I had just finished helping my family load up the car. It had been a great day! We got to see our friends, some of which ( Ali O and family) we had not seen in two weeks. The O family just recently returned from visiting the Grand Canyon! As I was heading back to the church, Ali O handed me a mysterious looking bag. I was pretty curious, but I decided to wait until everyone was together in the car to open it. Once we were all seated in the car, I peeked in the bag, and to my surprise (and delight), found a beautiful, blue shirt! Now— I think blue is the best color out there, so I instantly fell in love with the shirt. It says:  “Grand Canyon Railway” on it. I love it! Thanks for the shirt Ali O and sweet family! Y’all are so thoughtful! I cannot wait to match with you Ali O!!!!!!!

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Only One More Day!!!

September 16th, 2010 by Michelle

Tomorrow afternoon, after we go to co-op, we will be heading up to see Nonnie, Uh-Oh, our cousins, and our aunts and uncles.

While we are there, we are going to get the opportunity to see Tim Hawkins!!! It is going to be so much  fun, I can hardly wait! Nonnie told me that my Aunt and Uncle in Tennessee  laughed so hard that their faces hurt! So I think it will be pretty good. He is so funny and he always makes us laugh. Even over things we’ve already seen. Right now,we are making something secret ( I will be taciturn about it for now, and I won’t give it away yet, Paige!) that we will give him after the show. It is going to be a hilarious surprise!

I thought how Paige used SAT words in her blog was so… super, to be concise, that I had to put some in my post!

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Going To Grandparent’s House!!!

September 13th, 2010 by Michelle

In early June of this summer, Paige, Grace, Faith, and I went to visit our grandparents, Nonnie and Uh-Oh. We arrived on a Thursday night with our parents and brothers. They planned to stay with us until Sunday afternoon. When we got there, we were greeted with the smell of warm cookies, fresh out of the oven! Yum! After visiting for awhile, we unpacked the car and took our things inside.

One thing that we had been planning on doing when we were there was to actually complete four whole quilts in a little over a week. Nonnie asked us if we would like to just go to bed and start work on the quilt the next day or start that night. We all agreed that we wanted to get going on the quilts that night. So we did.

Each of the four girls completed one square that night, before deciding (at about eleven o’clock) that it was time for bed.

The next morning, after we ate breakfast, we continued working on the quilts.

My brothers  (who are not very interested in sewing) entertained themselves with Legos.

The men had gone out on the boat to go fishing, and by late afternoon, they were back again. It looked like they had really enjoyed themselves! We pretty much continued to sew all day. It was really fun!!! Towards the evening of the day, we had a party for Faith and Uncle J.

They were both born on the same day, so they usually celebrate together. We had a beautiful cake that Nonnie, my sisters, and I  made. It not only looked good, but it tasted good too!

Anyway, the party was a lot of fun! We decided to stop sewing for a while and we watched Horatio Hornblower. Then, we all went to bed. It had been a great day! When we woke up in the morning, we continued our work on our quilts.

Then we decided to take a break so that we could get all dressed and ready. We were going to get to go to a Little House on the Prairie play… starring Mellisa Gilbert!!!

So we had a good drive over there and we arrived at Bass Hall in time, but then, a problem arose. Somehow, in the rush to get out of the door, we forgot to bring the tickets with us! Oops! :-) Fortunately, Nonnie was able to get some more by showing them her card that she purchased the other tickets with. Yeah! We got up to our seats with our tickets in hand! As we sat down, a man came up to us and asked where Paige was and if Nonnie had told her about the surprise yet. Nonnie said she hadn’t, and as soon as he left she proceeded to tell us what was going on.

Nonnie said that she had recently written a letter to Mellisa Gilbert and just thanked her for being such a great actress. Then she told her about Paige’s experience with cancer. In her reply, she said that she wanted to meet Paige and her family!!! We were all so excited! It was like a dream. So was the play. We sat up really high and used binoculars to see things up close. I loved being  that high up! You could see everything that was going on. The play was wonderful to watch! I loved the singing. My favorite part  was when Mellisa Gilbert did a jig with the actress who portrayed Laura in the play. After it was over, we headed down to see the movie star, Mellisa Gilbert. It was so neat. She was really nice! She talked with us for a few minutes and before we left, she gave Paige a present and she gave each of us four girls a bracelet that she personally put on our wrists!! Here’s a photo of the bracelets:

We got a few pictures, but not as many as we wanted because of the excitement of everything.

Afterward, we ate at a fancy restaurant called The Riata.

It turned out to be one of my favorite days ever!

The next day, Sunday, we got up fairly early and went to church. After that, we went to eat lunch at Souper Salad. It was good food. When we returned to our grandparents house, Dad, Mom, Ben, and Bradley started to pack their stuff up. We said our goodbyes and they left in the late afternoon. We went back to sewing for a little bit and then Uh-oh took us out to get ice cream at The Ice Cream Place!!!

On Monday, we mostly spent the day sewing, but we also watched movies that we got at the video rental place while we sewed, so that was fun. Then, in the late afternoon, we went swimming! We went to Sonic for dinner and then went home to watch a few movies.

On Tuesday we went to the new remodeled museum. It was really neat! There was an exhibit on Galileo that was really cool. It showed all the things he experimented on and created. He was a smart man. We also watched an IMAX movie about sharks….I think Grace liked that the most. Anyway, we had a really great time at the museum, but we wanted to get back to sewing so that we would finish in time. Plus, it was a lot of fun as well!

We also went to the Dallas World Aquarium. It was so neat!! They had so many different animals to see. While we were there, we were around a lot of birds, and one bird perched itself on Faith’s shoulder. This is what it looked like:

As you can imagine, she was really surprised! It was  cool!

The shark walkway was soooooo awesome. Everywhere you looked, you saw sharks. It was an amazing experience, and comforting to know that they were contained in glass!

I’d never seen a tree quite like this before, so I knew that I should probably take a picture of it because I might not see one like it again.

These poisonous frogs were amazing to watch! I used macro on the camera to get these  close up shots.

I think my favorite animal that I saw there would have to be the seahorses. They were totally cool! I could watch them for hours! I also love birds, and there were really beautiful ones there. Here are three that I thought were neat looking:

The crocodiles were HUGE!

This was the pretty waterfall that you saw when you walked in. It was breathtaking!



We went home after awhile and keep working on our quilts while we watched a movie. The actual quilting part was the hardest part, but after we got that down, we were good to go. Uh-oh took us fishing on his boat and we had a lot of  fun. I caught a fish! It was a pretty big one too! I also drove the boat. It was great to feel the wind in my hair and have water drops splashed on my face. We went to Spring Creek Bar-B-Que after fishing on the boat. That is our tradition. We spent the afternoon resting and doing a little work on the quilts. It was cool to see that they were almost completed! When Friday came, we worked most of the day to ensure that we would finish before we left the next day. But we did take a few breaks to watch a few movies. When I finally finished mine at about 12:30 p.m., I was so happy!!!!!!! I saw it go from this,

to this,


You get such an uplifting feeling when you finish a project that you started. I am getting that feeling again now that I have finally finished writing my blog! Sorry it took me so long to publish this, Nonnie & Uh-Oh. Hope you enjoy! I had a great time with y’all this summer!!!!!!!!



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